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Service Station Canopies

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Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our offerings. Whether you need a practical warehouse or a stylish showroom, trust Monitor to deliver quality, durability, and customization in every structure we design.


Decking and Trim Material; all materials are first quality (Mill Spec) ordered directly from the Steel Mill. Roof decking, trim, gutters, and fascia material consist of G-90 (1.25 oz. zinc coating) 50,000 high tensile galvanized steel. (Has twice the tensile strength of the hardest alloy of aluminum which can be roll formed in similar shapes) Decking has baked on acrylic enamel finish. 


Columns: ASTM A-500 46,000 PSI carbon square structural tubes coated in rust inhibitive primer. 

Main Cross Beams & Roof Purlins: When designs lends itself, members are high tensile 50,000 PSI steel, roll formed. Wide flange or plate girders are used in large spans, large cantilevers, or heavy roof loads. 

Drainage Methods:

  1. Standard internal column drains and center gutters.
  2. External downspouts and center gutters.
  3. Drain at the perimeter of the canopy. 
  4. Optional perimeter gutters with PVC internal downspouts, coupling 4’ above the plate. 


Established in 1959, Monitor is a leader in canopy manufacturing under new ownership since 2014. With a legacy of over 60 years, we prioritize excellent customer service and top-quality products. Thank you for being part of our success story.

Our Commitment To Excellence

At Monitor, we take pride in offering a seamless journey from the conceptualization of your service station canopy to its successful realization. Choose Monitor for excellence at every stage and let us elevate your project to new heights.

Monitor Inc. is dedicated to delivering products and services of the highest quality, backed by over 60 years of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From design to fabrication to installation, every aspect of the process reflects a commitment to excellence.

At Monitor Inc., customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering flexibility, customization options, and exceptional service. Our success is measured by the success and satisfaction of our customers.

Monitor Inc. embraces innovation and adapts to meet the evolving needs of the industry and its customers. With in-house engineers and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we continuously innovate to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do at Monitor Inc. We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our business practices and maintain a rigorous quality control program to ensure that every product meets our stringent specifications.

Monitor Inc. values teamwork and collaboration, both internally and with our customers. Our dedicated teams work together seamlessly to ensure projects are completed with precision and efficiency, while fostering strong partnerships with our clients.

As a global company, Monitor Inc. recognizes its responsibility to make a positive impact on the communities it serves. We prioritize sustainability, ethical business practices, and social responsibility in all aspects of our operations.

Fascia Systems

Standard, Smooth or Ribbed Fascia. 

Fascia Systems are designed to the specifications of the major oil companies.

Bracing designed to support custom fascia and upper structures.

Custom designs to meet your specifications.

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