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Monitor Inc.


Monitor fabricates all steel structures in-house to client specifications. AISC certification sets us apart. Rigorous quality control ensures each structure meets specifications. We use only first-quality materials.

AISC Certified Fabricators

Monitor manufactures all steel structures in house on roll machinery to the exact specifications of the client. We are proud to say that we are AISC certified, which is just another amazing reason that makes us stick out from the competition! We maintain a quality control program of inspections and reviews to ensure each fabricated structure meets all stated specifications and engineering requirements. We demand quality performance for a quality product. We provide first quality material (no seconds).

Monitor Inc.

Solid Engineering that Meets the Strictest Building Codes

Trust in the strength of our engineering expertise. Monitor builds are built to withstand the test of time, adhering to the strictest building codes. Monitor prioritizes structural integrity, ensuring your project not only meets but exceeds industry standards.


Established in 1959, Monitor is a leader in canopy manufacturing under new ownership since 2014. With a legacy of over 60 years, we prioritize excellent customer service and top-quality products. Thank you for being part of our success story.

Our Commitment To Excellence

Monitor Inc. is dedicated to delivering products and services of the highest quality, backed by over 60 years of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From design to fabrication to installation, every aspect of the process reflects a commitment to excellence.

At Monitor Inc., customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering flexibility, customization options, and exceptional service. Our success is measured by the success and satisfaction of our customers.

Monitor Inc. embraces innovation and adapts to meet the evolving needs of the industry and its customers. With in-house engineers and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we continuously innovate to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do at Monitor Inc. We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our business practices and maintain a rigorous quality control program to ensure that every product meets our stringent specifications.

Monitor Inc. values teamwork and collaboration, both internally and with our customers. Our dedicated teams work together seamlessly to ensure projects are completed with precision and efficiency, while fostering strong partnerships with our clients.

As a global company, Monitor Inc. recognizes its responsibility to make a positive impact on the communities it serves. We prioritize sustainability, ethical business practices, and social responsibility in all aspects of our operations.

Regulated Quality Assurance Program

Quality is at the core of what we do. Monitor operates under a regulated quality assurance program, guaranteeing that every component and detail of your project undergoes rigorous inspection. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures a durable and reliable end product.

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