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     Monitor, Inc. started in 1959 building metal farm structures in north central Texas. In 1962 a line of car wash buildings was added. Soon after this, we began manufacturing service station canopies, steel buildings, and then patented roll form machinery. Today, the majority of our business is the manufacture of steel canopies which we market in all of North America, the Caribbean, South and Central America. The Monitor name has become synonymous with the canopy product we manufacture. As a result of your confidence in us, America is covered at the pump with over 15,000 Monitor canopies. We are dedicated to manufacturing a superior product and have become a leader in the industry known for quality, competitive pricing and our service. 
     Our distinguished and much appreciated customer base has become as diverse as our product variety including oil jobbers, dealers, small and medium size independents, major oils and others. We are more than 50 years strong because of you. As a result, customer satisfaction, customer service, innovation and creativity are our priorities. When you talk, we listen. We would like to thank all of our customers for their confidence in us this last half century, and extend a warm welcome to those customers whose business we've yet to earn for the future.   
Harry R. Reynolds
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